Hi I’m Ryleigh Bennetts and I’ve been into Doctor Who since my late teens. My first Doctor Who experience was with the ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston and I immediately became a Whovian (a BIG fan of the BBC TV series both classic old and new).

Why do I like Doctor Who?

The idea of being able to travel anywhere in Time and Space, visiting different worlds/alternate dimensions is a idea which takes away from the everyday life.

fantasy – time lords aren’t real but the actors who portray the doctor bring a sense of realism to the characters which is both amazing and insightful to what they might actually be like.

  • Technology – The TARDIS – a time machine thats smaller on the outside but bigger on the inside
  • The Sonic Screwdriver, a highly versatile tool used by the Doctor. He modified and ostensibly upgraded it over the years, giving it an increasing number of applications. Early versions were used mainly for the picking of locks and for projecting sound so as to, for example, detonate objects and fry circuitry. By the time of the Ninth Doctor, the sonic was able to also be used as a sophisticated scanning device, with medical applications. Subsequent incarnations gave it even wider functionality, such as the ability to hack into computers, provide geolocation and actively defend against some types of assault weapons.
  • film making technology –
  • special FX –
  • costume department and props (how they’ve changed over the whole time scale –

Why Do I like Star Wars?

I guess for me, Star Wars is the best way to show both the dark and light sides of life. On one side of the story you have the Dark Side/Galactic Empire/First Order who view peace as tyranny and fear where as on the other side you have the Rebels who fight for good and all that is right and equal in the Galaxy.

The Rule of two applies to both the Jedi and the Sith alike, no more no less, a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord may Only ever at one time have one Padawan/Apprentice but being devious and reckless some Sith do have more than one at a time.

Star Wars at its core is a Sci-Fi story with Fantasy elements such as chivalry and knighthood and a nod to the ancient ways of the Samurai (check out the Darth Vader Helmet).